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Catholic Business Journal Reports LIve from the Health Forum and AHA Conference...

Catholic Business Journal columnist and pioneering, innovative, proven successful life sciences CEO Thomas M. Loarie is reporting live from the 22nd Annual Health Forum and American Hospital Association Leadership Summit, this year held in San Diego from July 20-22.  Mr. Read more »

Unusual Glimpse At Vatican Financials

Report comes from the Holy See itself... Read More>>

LESS THAN 3 PERCENT: Health survey gives government its first large-scale data on gay, bisexual population

According to a CDC survery, less than 3 percent of the population identified themselves as gay, lesbian or bisexual. Read more »

U.S. Bishops Warn that Senate Bill Would Strip Conscience Protections

.- Leaders of the U.S. bishops have issued a strong rebuke of a Senate bill that would deny conscience rights to employers in the field of health coverage.
Read more »

Pope Francis' Comments on Capitalism Wrangle Some Catholics in Business, Inspire Others

While the Catholic Business Journal takes issue with one "fact" that the Wall Street Journal got wrong in its otherwise strong piece, the Catholic business world is indeed taking note—and reacting—to Pope Francis' call for reform in business. 

But, before linking to the WSJ article, please note two things:  Read more »

High-Profile Christian Company Attacked

Full page NY Times ad freely targets a blameless private firm opting out of buying "the pill" for employees. Our U.S. Founding Fathers did not risk life, comfort and property for this... Read More>>

The Business Of Running The Church in America

In Philadelphia, Archbishop Caput inherited a disaster from Cardinal Rigali, allegedly a whiz at running things.  So here's what the new archbishop is doing about it... Read More>>

Smaller-City Legatus Chapters Can Work Beautifully

New one in Louisiana a case in point....

More than 27 years after its founding, chapters in two states contributed to a record-breaking day in the history of Legatus.  For the first time, two chapters chartered on the same day, one  of them with a record number of member-couples. Read more »

Parents Don't Support Common Core

But Most Dioceses Impose It Anyway?  That's a sad fact.  Yet the states of Indiana, Oklahoma, South Carolina, and Louisiana have all rejected the nationalized standards in favor of more specialized and state-oriented systems. Read more »

It's Not Over Yet

High Court rules for Catholics with small businesses resisting Obama's unconstitutional mandates, but what will happen to cases like the Poor Clares?...Read More>>

She Did it for Her Uncle: A Cancer Victor Who Died Hours After Her Race

Ironman competitor Liz Lyles (shown in the photo with husband, Chip) may be a new name on the pro athlete roster, but she's already proving to be one to watch as she quickly catapults into the top rankings.  More than that, media and a growing fan base are already calling Liz "inspiring."  Without broadcasting it publicly, it's clear that her faith and faith-anchored marriage continue Read more »

Breakaway USA Liz Lyles Places 2nd in Frankfurt Ironman

Professional triathlete Liz Lyles, Catholic, mother and wife, nailed it at the Ironman Frankfurt on July 6, 2014, to place second. Read more »

From Raging Radical to Catholic Priest: How Economics Brought Me to God

I grew up in Brooklyn, New York — not Spike Lee’s Brooklyn, mind you, but Mrs. Goldberg’s Brooklyn, if you remember Mrs. Goldberg, or if you remember The Honeymooners. It was an ethnic Brooklyn without government mandate to have diversity. It was diversity de facto not de jure. Read more »

Catholic Tri-Athlete, Mom, Top American Pick for IronMan Frankfurt 2014: Gives Tips for Staying In Shape and Fresh

A day before Liz Lyles ventured to IRONMAN 70.3 Boise this year, the site where the Nevada-based triathlete first made the decision to go pro, the stomach flu hit. "I was sick pretty much all day in bed thinking how in the world am I going to race on Saturday," she said. She not only competed, she came in second with a time of 4:28:55. Read more »