Friday at Noon: Nationwide Rally for Religious Freedom on March 23

At Noon on Friday, March 23, citizens of good will from across America are rallying to defend their First Amendment rights for freedom of religious expression and conscience. Find the nearest rally to you HERE

Find the nearest rally to you HERE.

Now there are over 102 locations, a massive protest from coast to coast. Demand a religious exemption for the HHS Mandate be withdrawn. It is not only wrong for force people to pay for and promote service they know to be harmful, it violates the 1st Amendment of the Constitution. The controversy started when the Obama Administration refused to provide a requested exemption to a mandate to require Catholic institutions to pay for "health insurance" that covers pills for chemical abortions, sterilizations and contraceptives. A phony accommodation later proposed by the President, but never implemented, mandated private insurance companies pay for these services and provide them for free. If the government could compel private companies to provide services for free, this is still problematic because many Catholic institutions are self-insured. It is unreasonable to think that costs incurred by other private insurers will not be factored into premiums and passed along.

The HHS Mandate is not about abortion pills, sterilization operations, and contraception. It is not about the Catholic Church, although this originated as a direct provocation of Catholics. Jews, Muslims, other Christians and people of all faiths are standing together. It is a dangerous precedent for the government to explicitly force any individual or organization directly act contrary to their faith, and specifically provide or promote services they know to be harmful.

It is interesting that the Administration has given religious exemptions for Obamacare for the Amish and members of a program of the Christian Care Ministry, but not to the Catholic Church and other major religions, as reported by Sr. Mary Ann Walsh of the USCCB.

Please join a rally near you. Write a letter to the editor. Write to your senators and congressman. Ask for a conscience exemption for the HHS mandate.

Read more about the HHS Mandate, its consequences and the US bishop's response to it.


Catholics for the Common Good president William B. May will be among the speakers at the San Francisco event, which will take place in front of the Health and Human Services (HHS) Region Nine office serving Arizona, California, Hawaii, Nevada, and South Pacific territories.

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