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November, A Time To Remember...

The month of November is a month for us to remember – those that served, those that died and the saints.  It is also the month of thanksgiving and for we Christians it is not so much about the traditional Thanksgiving with turkey but rather about thanking God for all we have and all we have been given, especially faith and family.  To be sure we cling to the custom because like many c Read more »


The Population Research Institute will be celebrating Monday, April 22, but not as “Earth Day.” Instead, the organization will be celebrating April 22 as “Earth is for People Day.” This is a hugely important difference, find out why... Read more »

Join us for 40 days of Lent...

The Catholic Business Journal invites you to "launch into the deep" with us during Lent.  Sign up HERE to receive one simple, inspirational prayer reflection a day, starting February 13: Ash Wednesday.
Read more »

Tens of Thousands to Protest Religious Rights Violations in Unconstitutional HHS Mandate in Cities Coast to Coast

This Friday, June 8 at noon local time across the country, tens of thousands of Americans in over 150 cities coast to coast will take to the streets in public protest against the controversial HHS Mandate during the second nationwide Read more »

First Lawsuit from Business Owner Challenges Obama HHS Mandate on Religous Basis, IL news source reports


When my wife Pat and I go to the movies, we want to see a good, clean language, and uplifting story with a positive message.  Therefore, we have not gone to many movies in recent years.  It seems that too many (though not all) Hollywood decision-makers believe sex, violence, crude language and criminal activity is what sells.  Several exceptions this summer included Read more »

*Shut up and Listen* Says One Remarkable Entrepreneur Coach

Ernesto Sirolli has spent 30 years helping people find the resources they need to start businesses and make them thrive. He and the people he’s trained have been instrumental in launching more than 40,000 enterprises in 250 communities and 25 countries. Read more »

Huge Example of How A Genuine Code of Values Brings Value

Earlier this month, we shared the very exciting news that The Dwyer Group had been acquired by The Riverside Company. This is an exciting collaboration between two growing and successful organizations. But I’m biased when I say that The Dwyer Group is a special company that is attractive for far more than just "the numbers." Read more »

California Mandates Religious NonProfit Serving Minor-Aged Girls Must Dispense Contraceptives : St. Thomas More Society Responds

As Catholic business professionals and others in California await a determination by the California Supreme Court regarding whether or not Judges can participate in the Boy Scouts of America (and by clear implication the Catholic Church), an Orange County, CA, religious non-profit that serves minor girls has been advised that it MUST dispense contraceptives.  This mandate Read more »

California Mandates Insurance Coverage for *Elective* Abortions

SACRAMENTO (AP) - Health insurance companies in California may not refuse to cover the cost of abortions, state insurance officials ruled. Read more »

California: Insurers must cover elective abortions - Life Legal Defense Responds

SACRAMENTO, Calif. (AP) — Health insurance companies in California may not refuse to cover the cost of abortions, state insurance officials have ruled in a reversal of policy stemming from the decision by two Catholic un Read more »

BOOK REVIEW: Struggling With Life; Feeling Alone - *God Winks* is the Prescription for What Ails You

When God Winks at You is a wonderful book for our turbulent times. In it, best-selling author, former television president and CEO, Squire Rushnell, challenges us to think about those moments in our life when someone, or something, reaffirms us or challenges us to take a Read more »

Faith Principles Matter: Dumbing Down America Undermines a Genuine Search for Truth

Once or twice a week we watch a TV news segment where a reporter interviews a random sample of people on the street. Sometimes he asks about current events. Other times he asks about basic history or facts that should be common knowledge about famous historic figures. Sometimes he interviews students on college campuses (for example, Harvard). Read more »

Slain Journalist James Foley, Catholic: The Rosary , His Anchor

James Foley, the journalist beheaded by Islamic terrorists days ago, was no stranger to kidnapping and captivity in the Middle East, nor was he a stranger to the Catholic Faith and Rosary.  In 2011, he was held captive in Libya. After his release, he spoke at his alma mater Marquette University on Faith and how the Rosary sustained him…Read More>> Read more »

WSJ Features New York's Regis Catholic High School*s Summer Program

Amazingly effective, and privately funded of course, Regis Catholic High School offered a summer program where inner city kids are taught some basic skills---and given the leisure to work on them... Read more>>

Cardinal Levada *There Is a Great Lack of Confidence among Today’s Catholics*

Exclusive to the Catholic Business Journal... Cardinal William Joseph Levada, in his keynote talk, “A New Apologetics for the New Evangelization” at the recently concluded Fourth Annual Napa Institute, said there is a great lack of confidence by Catholics when defending the Faith. Read more »

One Catholic School Is A Success Story, Adding Classrooms & Staff

The Florida-based Catholic school grew from 3 students in 2007, to more than 200 today, with parents now choosing to move to the area just to send their children to this school....Read more to find out why>> Read more »

Catholic Marketing Network: A Retailer Trade Show That's Thriving

That's Publishers Weekly's take on Catholic Marketing Network's just-completed annual convention in Chicago... Read more »

A *Second Chance* For Catholic-Owned Businesses

As one Catholic businessman put it, "Here in the land of the free and the home of the brave, for which hundreds of thousands of Catholic GIs gave their lives over the past two centuries, it's come to this."  But the trend is heartening!... Read more »

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