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November, A Time To Remember...

The month of November is a month for us to remember – those that served, those that died and the saints.  It is also the month of thanksgiving and for we Christians it is not so much about the traditional Thanksgiving with turkey but rather about thanking God for all we have and all we have been given, especially faith and family.  To be sure we cling to the custom because like many c Read more »


The Population Research Institute will be celebrating Monday, April 22, but not as “Earth Day.” Instead, the organization will be celebrating April 22 as “Earth is for People Day.” This is a hugely important difference, find out why... Read more »

Join us for 40 days of Lent...

The Catholic Business Journal invites you to "launch into the deep" with us during Lent.  Sign up HERE to receive one simple, inspirational prayer reflection a day, starting February 13: Ash Wednesday.
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Tens of Thousands to Protest Religious Rights Violations in Unconstitutional HHS Mandate in Cities Coast to Coast

This Friday, June 8 at noon local time across the country, tens of thousands of Americans in over 150 cities coast to coast will take to the streets in public protest against the controversial HHS Mandate during the second nationwide Read more »

First Lawsuit from Business Owner Challenges Obama HHS Mandate on Religous Basis, IL news source reports

Knights of Columbus Help Provide Prosthetics to Boston Marathon Bombing Amputees

One year after the Boston marathon bombing, the Knights of Columbus Stand With Boston program is providing assistance for people who lost limbs in that tragic event.
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Faith and Ethics in Business Gains Momentum in a New Book by CUA Professor

Andrew V. Abela has heard all the jokes about business ethics — two popular ones being it’s an oxymoron, and it’s the shortest doctoral dissertation in the world. But Abela, who teaches at Catholic University in Washington, said ethics and its relationship to Catholicism is no laughing matter. Read more »

OBIT: Renown Economist, Author, Catholic Business Journal Columnist Tapan Munroe Passes Away

Catholic Business Journal mourns the loss of one of its exceptional columnists, renown economist Tapan Munroe, 78, who died peacefully on April 1, 2014, surrounded by family, from complications of Parkinson’s disease.

“Tapan was extremely smart and focused in his perceptions and observations about individuals, human nature, economics and the incessant, critically important need for Read more »

Increase Your Peace: How Honesty Changes Your Life...even in Finances!

Thirty or 40 years ago if you had asked someone if they were honest or truthful, they would have looked at you as if you had two heads. Back then there was no discernable difference between the two. Read more »

New Fed Law Opens Lawsuit Floodgates for Your "Wage Discrimination"

Politics and business CANNOT be separated.  Not anymore.  A newly signed federal law inserts government policy into the heart of private business operations and profit-making decisions...  Read more>>

The Bishop Who Stood Up to China

(Reuters) - It was shaping as a win in the Communist Party's quest to contain a longtime nemesis, the Roman Catholic Church. Read more »

The New Blacklist? How Your Business Could be Blindsided

Monday's U.S. Supreme Court refusal to hear the Elane Photography, LLC v. Willock appeal has significant ramifications for business owners and other professionals, as noted author and commentator Patrick Buchanan illustrates well in a recent column... Read more>>

Supreme Court Declines to Hear Important First Amendment Case

The U.S. Supreme Court on Monday declined to hear the First Amendment-driven appeal case of Elaine and Jonathon Huguenin, owners of Elane Photography in Elane Photography, LLC v. Read more »

The English Martyrs Rejoice as England Continues to Meet with Popes

Pope Francis continues to keep communication with England vibrant, welcoming Queen Elizabeth II on April 3, at the Vatican. Read more »

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