CEO LEARNINGS - by Thomas M. Loarie

BOOK REVIEW: Struggling With Life; Feeling Alone - *God Winks* is the Prescription for What Ails You

When God Winks at You is a wonderful book for our turbulent times. In it, best-selling author, former television president and CEO, Squire Rushnell, challenges us to think about those moments in our life when someone, or something, reaffirms us or challenges us to take a Read more »

Cardinal Levada *There Is a Great Lack of Confidence among Today’s Catholics*

Exclusive to the Catholic Business Journal... Cardinal William Joseph Levada, in his keynote talk, “A New Apologetics for the New Evangelization” at the recently concluded Fourth Annual Napa Institute, said there is a great lack of confidence by Catholics when defending the Faith. Read more »

Sesno, *Obamacare is Settling In*

Exclusive to the Catholic Business Journal from the Health Forum Leadership Summit—Award-winning American Journalist, Frank Sesno, at the AHA Townhall preceding the 22nd Annual Health Leadership Summit, noted that Obamacare is settling in as an entitlement with its 10 million previously-uninsured enrollees. Read more »

Disney to Hospital Leaders, *We Will Become More Aggressive If You Do Not Respond to Our Needs*

Exclusive to the Catholic Business Journal — Barbara Wachsman, Senior Executive, Employee Health Benefits, The Walt Disney Company, told health care leaders at the recently concluded 22nd Annual Leadership Summit in San Diego that there is an issue of urgency related to healthcare delivery in corporate America due to the Obamacare excise tax scheduled for 2018. Read more »

Strategy Expert Warns Hospital Leaders of Value Destruction by Non-Traditional Competitors

Exclusive to the Catholic Business Journal—Adrian Slywotzky, noted business trend analyst and strategist, warned hospital executives at the 22nd Annual Leadership Summit in San Deigo that they must take note of the “value migration” threat posed by new healthcare entrants coming from the retail. telco, media, and tech sectors. Read more »

A High School Coach - the Culture He Created; His Traditions, Rituals and Doctrines of Success; and His Players that Became Men

BOOK REVIEW:  When the Game Stands Tall, by Neil Hayes.   The Story of the De La Salle Spartans and Football’s Longest Winning Streak Read more »

Current Trends Show Ireland Not To Be a Religious Country by the End of Century

(Exclusive to the Catholic Business Journal) Dr. Philip Jenkins, Distinguished Professor of History at Baylor University, noted at the recently concluded 4th Annual Napa Institute, that France is no longer Catholic, and according to present trends, Ireland will Read more »

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