CEO LEARNINGS - by Thomas M. Loarie

Catholic Business Journal Reports LIve from the Health Forum and AHA Conference...

Catholic Business Journal columnist and pioneering, innovative, proven successful life sciences CEO Thomas M. Loarie is reporting live from the 22nd Annual Health Forum and American Hospital Association Leadership Summit, this year held in San Diego from July 20-22.  Mr. Read more »

Mother Dolores Hart: From Public Life to Holiness; Spiritual Growth and the Need to be in Relationship with Others

Daunting! Terrifying!...these thoughts have consumed me for the past two weeks as I have tried to write my review of Mother Dolores Hart, O.S. Read more »

11 Strategies for Achieving Victory when Facing Significant Challenges

Best-selling author Ryan Holiday has written a very clever book about facing challenges that life serves up. His solution focuses on 10 strategies which have proven successful in turning obstacles into Read more »

A Handbook for Those Seeking a Meaningful Life After 50

Former New York Times columnist ("Shifting Careers"), author, and now VP at, Marci Alboher's "Encore Career Handbook Read more »

Cardinal Dolan Unvarnished: Feeling Good About Being Catholic!

John Allen has written a terrific book, entitled A People of Hope ...with Cardinal Timothy Dolan (New York City) introducing us to the mind and heart of Catholicism in America’s “premier showman and apostle of hope.” Allen is a gifted all-things-Catholic author who has written many books, includi Read more »

For Notre Dame – Battling for the Heart and Soul of a Catholic University

Wilson D. Miscamble, C.S.C.  is well known within the University of Notre Dame’s global community as the unofficial leader of the “loyal opposition” to Our Lady’s University two-decade march towards secularization.  Recent decisions – an invitation to President Obama (the most pro-abortion president in U.S. Read more »

BOOK REVIEW: Star-Crossed by Ron Austin

From the “Entertainment Capital of the World” to the “Center of Culture or Enlightenment” Read more »

BOOK REVIEW: A Serious Investigation Into the Holy Relics – The Shroud of Turin, The Holy Cross, The Holy Nails, and Much More

Reporter, essayist, publicist, film, and television producer, Grzegorz Górny has teamed up with photojournalist Janusz Rosikon to give us a fabulous new book, Witnesses to Mystery: Investigations into Christ’s Relics.  In “ Read more »


Love - How Many of Us Can Grasp What This Truly Means?  Proof of Heaven is a book written about Read more »

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